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About us

We want to treat our players exceptionally.

Forever Limited is a new brand of the Forever Entertainment. Apart from providing the physical versions of our games, we also want your life and space to have more unique items and fantastic atmosphere, even when you’re not playing.

We are game lovers and enjoy adding more gadgets to our collections. We perfectly understand our players’ needs and that’s why we create collector’s sets, which we are proud to place on our own shelves.

The product quality is extremely important to us – each set has a certified number and is produced by us with utmost care. Each order is individually processed with great attention to detail.
You and your satisfaction are what matters to us, not mass production.

We try our best to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality, but also unique. On our boxes we often use graphics which were created specifically for the collector’s sets – they haven’t been published anywhere before. Collector’s items are made with uniqueness in mind, so that they stand out from other sets available in the market.

We are constantly working on new titles and sets – we have to be 100% sure that our offer is superior and the items we offer will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding collectors.

Our games are available in several editions:

  • unLimited
  • Limited
  • Exclusive

Each set offers different content – choose your version!

unLimited sets are your favourite games in classic plastic boxes – our games always include something extra!
Limited and Exclusive sets are released only in limited numbers, so don’t wait until the last moment and grab the box of your dreams before it sells out!

Regardless of the version you opt for, you can rest assured that you will receive a physical cartridge and a numbered certificate that makes each box unique!

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